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10 Coaching questions to double your sales!

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Lectures: 1
Audio/video Content: 12 Minutes
Skill Level: All Levels
Language: English
Includes: Lifetime Access

Who is this course for

BULLETTherapists who want to boost their overall sales performance
BULLETManagers & owners who want more coaching tools for their therapists

What will you learn

BULLETDiscover what solutions you would provide for your clients if you allowed nothing to stop you
BULLETHow to positively challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself
BULLETHow you can increase revenue by looking at full solutions for your clients as opposed to individual products

Course Reviews

  1. Thumbs up
    I will be revisiting these questions with my staff.

  2. Great Course
    Taught me that fear stands in my way of selling products. Very helpful.

  3. So useful
    I always struggle with retail so this was really useful for me to gain a little confidence and sell more successfully.

  4. What's holding you back
    Helps you clarify your approach

  5. Avatar of Lisa Jayes Lisa Jayes says:

    Made me think about how I sell!
    This was great and really inspiring.

    I have always thought that just ‘selling one product’ is still good as I am making a sale. However, by writing down some answers I soon realised that I can help my clients so much more and the symptom of this is a lot more sales.

    Thanks, highly recommend!

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