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7 Steps to becoming Employer of the Year with Stefania Rossi

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Audio Content: 37 Minutes
Skill Level: All Levels
Language: English
Includes: Lifetime Access, downloadable MP3/podcast

Who is this interview for

BULLET Managers and business owners who are searching for innovative ways to inspire their staff and create a winning team
BULLETManagers and business owners who want to continue to raise their standards and be the best they can be
BULLETAnybody who wants to learn what it takes behind the scenes to win ’employer of the year.’

You will learn

BULLETStefania’s top 7 tips on how to become an award standard spa or salon
BULLETWhy passion combined with systems is fundamental to true success
BULLETWhy Stefania believes that it is crucial to invest in your staff and inspire them to be the best they can be

Course Reviews

  1. Great tips
    Great to hear tips from someone that has achieved such great things with her team.

  2. Loved it
    So great and learnt lots about being a better leader for the future.

  3. Avatar of Lisa Pearson Lisa Pearson says:

    Congratulations Stefania.
    The only thing that I would have loved to hear (but I’m going to listen to the next one, so maybe it’s in there) is that you had difficulties or stumbling blocks and kept going.

  4. fantastic
    What a wonderfully inspiring lady.

  5. Avatar of Sahar Hooti Sahar Hooti says:

    Excellent. Again!
    Thank you so much for another informative session. So much to learn!!

  6. Avatar of Pete Scott Pete Scott says:

    Stefania was a joy to interview
    As the interviewer I feel it’s fair that I can leave a review for this interview.

    Passion, passion, passion and more passion. That’s what I get from Stefania, the moment she stepped out of the car to meet me at the studio she was already focused, excited for the interview and ready to share her story of ‘how she inspired Utopia’ to win employer of the year.

    One of my visions with Spa Beauty Success is that as an industry we can start helping each other a lot more, to share our wisdom, our strategies and get excited for each others successes.

    Too long has the industry been stuck in ‘competition mindset,’ almost like what we know is a big secret and shouldn’t be shared.

    Yet, think about it, the best people are open books, they are willing to say ‘hey, this is how I did it, now it’s your turn too!’ You never know, someone might help you today and then tomorrow, you inspire and help them in return.

    So, thank you Stefania for a wonderful interview, you walk the walk of what it take to be ’employer of the year.’

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