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* Be quick, this tool will only be FREE for a very short time.

A simple but very powerful coaching tool ready to use for you and your staff

BULLETTrack performance against the monthly target

BULLETAllow your staff to easily understand what their daily target should be

BULLETPositivity challenge your therapists to ‘think’ about their day ahead, what their opportunities are, what risks and who will be their superstar clients.

BULLETCreate a ‘success workbook’ for your team

BULLETUnderstand why it’s crucial to track less than 10% behind of your target throughout the month.

BULLETUse this tool to enhance your own coaching skills and develop your team to become ‘intrepreneurs.’


Course Reviews

  1. So useful!
    Thanks so much, this is great!

  2. Great help
    Even though I work alone it’s a good tool for keeping me on top of my game!

  3. Made me think
    Really liking this. I haven’t been in the beauty industry very long and this really made think that I need to think about target setting even though I work on my own. I think this is really going to help me focus on what I need to do to bring my income up!!

  4. Avatar of DorisC DorisC says:

    Will have it printed and distributed to the therapists.

  5. Avatar of Teresa Teresa says:

    Fantastic , can’t wait to start using this in my little salon to help my girls keep track of their targets. Thanks

  6. Useful tool to track each day performance.

  7. Avatar of Lisa Jayes Lisa Jayes says:

    So useful!
    I work as a mobile therapist and have never know how to work out my targets. To be honest, I just work as hard as I can and try to make as much as I can.

    I feel like this tool has just given me a completely new way I can manage myself.

    Really really useful!

  8. Brilliant way to coach your staff. I will use this system for my daily targets too.
    Love it

  9. Avatar of Lisa Pearson Lisa Pearson says:

    Wow, definitely the next step forward
    Currently we do something similar on a weekly basis, if not thought of doing it on a daily basis, but it makes sense. I need to think through how we could implement it – slight problem with resource at the beginning of the day to do it. But I’m sure there is a way.

  10. Exactly what I have been looking for!
    Within 10 seconds of downloading this template, I put in my monthly target, days I am working and it calculated the revenue I need to do per day and told me how much I am tracking ahead of my target (currently ahead £33 might I add.)

    Thanks Pete for providing this, it’s so useful and I know I have done loads of your courses before but you always seem to keep helping me : ).

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