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Lectures: 90
Video Content:  9 hours
Skill Level: All Levels
Language: English
Includes: Lifetime Access, downloadable templates/materials, downloadable MP3’s (take your learning with you)

Disclaimer: This course is for both professionals and managers however please note the expectations of this course are at the highest level.  Do not sign up for this course if you do not feel that you are ready for massive action in your career or business at this time.   This course requires complete immersion, accountability and the strongest desire to be not just great, but phenomenal.  This course is NOT about being the most qualified therapist or manager, in fact we welcome brand new professionals to the industry right through to the veteran business owner.  Yet, we simply ask that the timing in your career is right for you at the moment to immerse into this programme that was over 12 months in the making.  If this sounds like you, if you are ready… Then Pete can’t wait to meet you in module 1 of… The Business Athlete.

Who is this course for

BULLETThe truly serious spa/salon professional who is committed to achieving the best career possible
BULLETManagers and business owners that know the key to success is massive action, strategy and focus
BULLETAnybody in the industry who wants to revolutionise their way of thinking when it comes to building the ultimate spa/salon business or career

What will you learn

BULLETA comprehensive blueprint for success
BULLETClear and proven steps to generate a guaranteed 5 to 10 leads per day
BULLETHow to turn your current clients into ‘screaming raving fans’ of your business or you as a professional
BULLETCreate consistent habits that empower and inspire you
BULLET90-day programme to transform you into the international ‘business athlete’
BULLETHow to approach the first 7-days of every month to ensure you gain the right momentum in your business or column
BULLETUnderstand why the 12th of the month is the secret number for your marketing strategies
BULLETKnow how to calculate how many leads you require each month to guarantee surpassing your treatment targets
BULLETUse a proven strategy to close to the month out in the strongest way possible
BULLETKnow exactly what to say when making follow up calls so the call feels comfortable and re-books your client without needing to sell
BULLETHow to have ‘brutal self honesty’ with yourself but keep your positivity and create a powerful action plan for success
BULLETThe number 1 secret to stand out from any other business or professional and win over your clientele for life
BULLETHow to ascertain a powerful mindset to reach and surpass your career or business goals
BULLETHow to eliminate negativity in your thought process and take full control of your emotions and psychology
BULLETHow to raise your own personal standards and feel on top of your game (just like a professional athlete does in his or her sport)
BULLETHow to regain the inner fire and passion to be the best therapist/manager or business owner that you can be
BULLETCrystal clear steps to beat procrastination and take your business or career to new heights
BULLETHow to create a powerful morning routine that will setup your day for success time and time again
BULLET7 steps to dramatically improve your ‘business fitness levels’ and make success predictable and automatic
BULLETAn in depth knowledge of performance KPI’s that you can to gain serious ‘focus’ and see measurable increases in revenue over a set time
BULLETRecognise patterns in your business and behaviours that hold you back from true success and know exactly what to do to move forward
BULLETImplement 3 essential steps to start your day right and track performance
BULLETAn array of skills that will transform your business and/or career


Course Reviews

    I am not even half way through the course but already I have done over 2000 extra in sales just by implementing what was in module 1 of this course!!!

    By the way, I am from Panama so the currency is Panamanian balboa. I think it’s about £1400 British pounds?? I also have managed to that in just over 10 days.

    I am not actually a therapist, I am a fashion designer and makeup artist. I just used the techniques Pete teaches in the course and the strategies he teaches has totally changed the way I look at my business each day.

    Would I recommend this course to others? 100% yes!

    Anybody who is serious about being the best they can be, this course is a MUST :).

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