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 Thank you so much for attending Beautcamp. I can’t wait to hear your success stories over the coming weeks and even months! I am also so excited to work with some of you in my x 3 day business transformation programme.

(Check out my very TIRED but inspired video below)


(March 5th & 6th 2017 + 1 additional day end of March, Exclusive Location, Angel, London)

10 to 12 hour immersive days maximising your business!




One payment of £1700 or three monthly payments of £633 (£1899 total)

Why this event will take your business to the next level

BULLET You will be fully immersed for two FULL days to look at your entire business.  More importantly than this, it will be in a ‘think tank’ environment with zero distractions.  Pete has found this type of immersion approach to be highly effective for his clients.

BULLET By the end of day one you will have dissected every strategy, behaviour and system.  You will have revisited your vision, mission and values.

BULLET By the end of day two you will have more than 50 to 80 pages of notes, but more importantly, you will have built a powerful VISION for long term success.  You will know exactly how to bring your vision to life and turn it into profits.

BULLET You will legitimately learn how to take your retail sales from struggle to success. Pete Scott’s strategies on sales are the most PROVEN in the industry.  Pete’s clients do not just make a few extra thousand for the year, but ten’s of thousands. (Pete is always happy for you speak to his current clients to backup their results.)

BULLET You will build an exact recruitment strategy that will ensure you find future superstar staff who possess high desire to grow within your business.

BULLET You will also learn strategies on how to train your staff to sell, what you should be saying each morning to inspire them, not motivate them.

BULLET You will build a KPI model that WORKS and measures your business performance.  This will massively reduce stress as a leader and empower your team to track their performance.

BULLET Although this is not a guarantee.  Pete has found that if you have been trading for more than 12 months, usually the strategy that is built on the two days will be enough to return back the £1700 investment in less than seven days post course! Pete even has examples of businesses that have doubled their return on investment within 48 hours.

BULLET Pete’s interest is always you and your business. His success is only a reflection of your success!  Therefore, you will receive huge support throughout March to ensure you have every chance of success.

BULLET Lastly, you will NOT learn generic strategies or models!  The entire philosophy of Masterclass is to build a bespoke solution that works for YOUR business.


BULLET Be one of just six to maximum eight business owners/professionals. Although, even if just one person signs up, Masterclass will still go ahead and you will simply get even more value.

BULLET Two days of FULL immersion discussing your business and how to take it to the next level, whatever that is for you.

BULLET Additional full day 30 days after Masterclass. This follow up day is a perfect solution to discuss what’s worked and what still needs refining.

BULLET Weekly accountability Zoom sessions throughout March.  Ultimately, it is your actions that you take from Masterclass that will bring you the results. These accountability sessions will ensure you are on point each week.

BULLET Pete’s personal number to call anytime throughout March and discuss how your business is progressing.



IMPORTANT: This event is a first come first served basis. Once we hit eight attendees, it will be sold out.  If you wish to be there, please ensure to purchase your ticket early.

Message from Pete: I can’t wait to work with you and you have my word that your business success means everything to me. If you wish to discuss anything at all further before making your purchase feel free to email me personally on  If you are ready to go ahead, simply click the buy now button below.  See you there!


One payment of £1700 or three monthly payments of £633 (£1899 total)